Hi, I’m Leandro Favarin!

A software engineer working on really cool stuff for mobile devices and portable technology. My current development focus is in the Android platform and everything around it.

A hobbyist photographer, former guitar player, music lover and technology enthusiast.

I live to learn and to create amazing things.

Let’s talk! Send me an email!

Here’s a non-exaustive list of how I can help you with:

Full Stack Android Development

Capable of delivering great back-end logic as well as amazing front-end user interfaces to delight users.

Set-Top Box & Chromecast

My experience comprises both heavily customized home-screen launchers and client applications.

iOS Experience

Sole developer for a medium-profile app, available in the App Store, and collaborated in high-profile app.

Eye On User Interface & Experience

Values: quality, usefulness and great user experience.

Linux Proficiency

Vast understanding of Linux kernel, device drivers, shell scripting and *nix environment.

Embedded Software & Real-Time Systems

Co-created solutions for cargo and truck tracking with satellite and GPRS communication. Ability to efficiently use system resources.