Photo of Leandro

Hi, my name is Leandro and I am the Head of Mobile Engineering at hibooks. Previously, I led the Android team at Blinkist.

I studied Electrical Engineering at Unicamp, one of the best and most prestigious university in Latin America. My programming experience started back at school helping organize workshops to program robots using Pascal after classes. This led me down a path of passion for coding that continues to this day. Understanding the whole software stack, from transistors to Assembly to Java helps me immensely.

At the moment, I am absorbing anything I can around Kotlin. It’s the nicest programming language I had the pleasure to get to know.

I grew up in São Paulo and I currently live in Berlin. Berlin’s message for me is: be creative. Build. I love building things. e.g. I am currently writing an app (iOS, Android and the backend) to manage my favorite quotes — in Kotlin. I also love to learn. This is why I worked for companies in the education industry and why I read several non-fiction books in order to grow and expand my mind (see bookshelf).

My newest hobby is cooking plant-based meals. Maybe that’s also Berlin’s influence on me.

Let’s chat. You can reach me via email, find me on GitHub, Mastodon, and LinkedIn.